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I got my licenses in Feb of 2010. I always knew, I wanted to do something that I could watch my efforts and passions build success in. Growing up, I always wanted to challenge the way things got done. In order to put my own stamp on it and make it a little better. Content can not satisfied my mind! before real estate I completed 5 years of plumbing trades schooling and work. Which taught me my background in home construction. 

Real estate as given me the ability to let my creative mind go wild. Real estate has been my stepping block to achieve the highest passions I can dream up. Although sales is not my first choice of a career. I come to realize, real estate isn't really about selling. You can not convince someone to buy a home they are not in love with. Real estate for me is, all about setting up the right systems. To make the best transaction for both sides of the deal. This is why I love coming to work everyday!

I know I can not win every transaction I am part of. I know I will fall plenty of times on my way to building my passions ( One thing is for sure, I will not quite or walk away! I am thankful for my rebellious stubborn way of looking at the world. It has created the will in me to never give up and keep on pushing forward.

I went full time into real estate in 2013 and haven't looked back. I have been working on my real estate systems since 2015. 2017 will be the year my real estate systems come out to my clients. Built around providing services that pushes towards their best end result. Thank you for talking the time for reading my message.

Arik Eller


2013 closed units 23 | closed sales volume 2,294,150

2014 closed units 25 | closed sales volume 2,980,300

2015 closed units 25 | closed sales volume 3,016,768

2016 closed units 17 | closed sales volume 1,998,950 

2017 flipped my first personal real estate transaction. Sold in 4 days for $10,000 over asking.