Truly less is more in real estate viewing and seeking

This website focus’s on accurate and effective real estate resources. The idea behind the site is “less is more”. Meaning, when you enter search criteria the more entered the less homes are searched. Wouldn’t you rather see every possible home that may work for you? Then decided if its a yes or no. You will find New listings, Current listings, and Sold listings. Explained below is how each work and their best practices.

The logo on the top left hand side will bring you back to the homepage.

This is just the NEW listings

By new listings we mean this listing has been listed when the last 7 days or less.

The quick way to seek out any new listings that may work for you. All you have to do is go to any area and if  no listings found  come up in the displayed area for a certain price range. Than there is no new listings for that area in that price area.

If you would like to be notified of new listings in an area for a specific price. All you have to do is go to that area under new listings, click on the price range you desire and click Set up E-mail Alerts. You will need to create an account for it to work. Check out the create an account page for them details.

On the main New listings page you can preview new listing statistics for each area.

All the homes that are currently on the market for sale

In the current listings it has all the available listings on the market at this time. The best way to search the current listings is; choosing an area then click on a price range you desire. This will bring you to all the details of the listings and let you scan through the listings.

To get emails of an area and a specific price range all you have to do is click on  Set up E-mail Alerts with the star symbol. You will have to have an account or just sign up for an account for this. See the signing up for an account section for this.

Coming soon!

For this section you will be able to compare features and listings with current listings. This is not something you will need to do. Its just an opportunity to see the past sold listings features and details.