explaining the quickest real estate searching tools

The idea behind the WhamBam real estate listing searches is "quick and easy way to search all the listings and then criteria them out". Wouldn't you rather see every possible home that may work for you? Then decide if its a yes or no. The WhamBam listing searches, displays all the available listings. Broken down into price brackets for you to quickly search through. All searches are updated with the accurate listings several times throughout the day. They also have if the listings have any accepted offers with contingencies.

How they work is: you select a WhamBam search choose location and then all available listings are displayed and broken down into price brackets.  All searches are updated with the accurate listings several times throughout the day. 


From Arik Eller: After doing real estate for years and searching for real estate for my clients. I realized that most websites will have you enter your criteria and or have you make a few selections to narrow down a search for you. Which has the ability to not display a listing that could possibly work for you. In searching properties for clients I created a system I use on the MLS that helps me quickly and easily search for possible listings. Which led me to build this system. The name I struggled with for a long while! More because I didn't want to offend anyone or have people take it the wrong way! In the back of my mind though, I always had the late Steve Jobs. Saying, " Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice". So I stuck with my initial idea that I loved and felt passionate about. I wanted to build a search tool that everyone could use and hopefully like it as much as I do.